Have you claimed for the DfE’s Platform Provisioning Programme worth up to £2000?

More details about the Platform Provisioning Programme these can be found on the DfE website.

Why choose SCC ICT to set up your schools online learning platform?

We are experienced, trusted and accredited to offer both Google and Microsoft solutions via the Department for Education fully funded cloud platform provisioning programme.

Am I eligible and what is the offer?

There’s free support available for Schools who do not currently have an effective Digital Education Platform in place, to allow for the initial deployment and configuration of either Office 365 and Teams OR G Suite for Education & Google Classroom.

To qualify for the free support, you either need to:

  • Have no current Digital Education platform in place (i.e. no G Suite or Office 365)

  • Have a Digital Education platform in place that only has Teachers enrolled, but not students

  • Have a Digital Education platform in place that is deployed but not fully configured to deliver Digital Education

How much funding is available?

It depends on your school type, £1500 for a primary, £2000 for a secondary or for a school within a MAT £1000 per school.

How to apply

You can choose to apply for support from either a Google or Microsoft partner.

To apply, complete the support request form for your chosen partner below by 30 November 2021:

Trusts and sponsors can apply on behalf of their schools and colleges.

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