Genee delivers a range of interactive touchscreen displays, tablets, touch tables, visualisers, response systems and kiosks with a range of software to enhance teaching, training and presentations within the education sector.

Our expertise in the professional AV arena provides us with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of our clients, and we provide unique solutions designed to make life easier and enhance presentation experiences for both presenter and audience.

We have a keen focus on interoperability and connectivity to enable our technology to be seamlessly integrated into any environment.

Interactive Touchscreens

Genee are always working hard to revolutionise schools and the stunning new 4k touchscreen range is no exception.

4K technology provides the highest quality images available and provides users with ultra-high definition quality. The new screen has been designed with the future in mind, offering useful tools that allow teachers to deliver engaging lessons. Buttons and connection ports are now front facing for easy access and side facing, allowing devices to be connected through a range of multiple inputs, ideal for a variation between permanent and temporary teaching staff.

Now includes, SPARK II, Genee App Store, Screen Casting, Project Flow (Free Trial) & much more!

Avaliable in 65”, 75” & 86”

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Genee Vision Visualisers

Looking for more ways to bring your dynamic lessons to life?

Simply connect a Genee Vision visualiser to the touch screen and bring in a live video feed to annotate over. Compare and contrast plant life from creepy crawlies to students A4 work or conduct a complete science experiment, the options are limitless!

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NEW Wireless Visualisers

The new portable Genee Vision adheres to the high quality of the Genee Vision range with added flexibility and manoeuvrability removing the need for cables and giving more classroom options to teachers and students. The new portable Genee Vision range is available in two models; Genee Vision Wireless and Genee Vision Wireless Elite.

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Genee Registrar

Genee Registrar is Genee’s Visitor Management System (VMS), which gives you a secure, flexible record of visitors, staff and student’s attendance on site. Visitors can sign in quickly and easily provide essential details such as their car registration and the company they are visiting from, so that you always have simple access to detailed visitor information.

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Genee Tilt and Touch Tables

The Tilt and Touch Table Range is a great addition to any Preschoolers right up to the end of Key Stage 1 classroom with the objective of engaging students using educational gaming software to inspire learning. The robust aluminium table frame includes a built-in PC, meaning teachers are simply one touch away from transforming the classroom into a multi-touch collaborative learning environment.

Teachers can use it as a table format by moving it into a horizontal position, allowing more students to interact together around the table. Alternatively, the table can be tilted through 75 degrees before being locked in place to enable students to use it more comfortably sitting down or if they are playing on their own.

With the High-Low version of our 42″ Touch Table you have the capability to raise the height of the table to allow for taller students or for wheelchair access.

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Genee Software

We also have a range of Interactive software designed to work seamlessly with our hardware. See our full range of software below!

The Genee Service


Our training programmes are delivered by a fully qualified, experienced classroom teacher. These will enable you to access your new technology and utilise it to enhance learning and engagement for your students.

This programme is designed for the skills training to build on the content of each introductory training session. It is highly recommended that you have received the ‘Get Going’ Workshop before signing up to the PDP.


We understand the importance of the completed solution and making sure everything is fitted to the school’s individual requirements.

Whether mounting onto a brick wall, partition areas or mobile mounting solutions. All of our install engineers are DBS checked, fully qualified and trained directly by the touch screen.


Our Genee technical team are there to assist on any problems you may have with your

Genee products within your warranty period or outside the warranty period.

Genee ensures to provide the ultimate customer experience which is why Genee is one of the few AV manufacturers that employs its own dedicated internal technical team rather than sub-contracting to a third party.

You can be rest assured when it comes to our hardware support, it will be a Genee qualified engineer who will provide the best customer service and support.