All devices that are still connected to DfE safeguarding software (Cisco Umbrella) will display the following message from 7 September 2022.

This laptop or tablet needs a critical update.

Please contact the person or organisation that gave it to you so they can arrange this.

It may become unusable if you do not do this.

The above message will display on the login screen, lock screen and desktop background of DfE-restricted Windows devices that are still connected to DfE safeguarding software.

Any other device types, or restricted devices that are reset before 7 September 2022, will not receive the message.

If you have already requested either the remote messaging service or remote internet restriction service, then the message will not replace the previously applied service.

We are displaying this message because mobile device management and content filtering software will expire on 30 September 2022. There are no plans to extend licences.

When licences expire on 30 September 2022, devices:

  • will not be protected by web-filtering, and users will be able to freely access any online content
  • will not be maintained and we cannot ensure they will continue to receive software updates and malware protection
  • will continue to function

Your organisation owns these devices. It is your responsibility to ensure they are safe for children and young people to use once licences expire.

Full guidance for resetting your device can be found here: