Virtualisation For Schools

SCC ICT has completed a diverse range of Server and Desktop virtualisation projects for schools that wish to consolidate their infrastructure to the cloud.

What Is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation software is a technology that provides us with a platform for consolidating a number of physical servers and other technologies to a single virtualised environment.

Virtual Servers – in the past, schools would require a large number of physical servers onsite required for performing various essential roles including MIS, Active Directory, management, email, data storage and printing.

Thanks to cutting-edge virtualisation technology, all of these servers can now be virtualised to run on a single point of hardware on school premises, or your entire server infrastructure can be virtualised in a cloud environment.

Virtual Desktop – replaces your local Windows desktop with a cloud based desktop solution that can be securely accessed from your web browser. Desktop virtualisation takes teaching, learning and admin beyond the boundaries of the school building.

How SCC ICT can help

SCC ICT works with schools of all sizes, helping them to benefit from the many advantages of virtualising their ICT Network infrastructure.

Whatever your schools requirements, we can work with you every step of the way, providing you with everything that you need to implementing and maintain a safe, secure and resilient virtualised solution to serve the classroom and other departments within your schools infrastructure.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtualisation?

  • 1. Save energy
    Servers love to consume electricity, but the admin department does not like the utility bills! By virtualising your server infrastructure, energy consumption is lowered which means energy bills will be greatly reduced, freeing up valuable funds for your school’s other curriculum requirements.
  • 2. Go green
    Virtualisation is eco-friendly! Lowered energy usage through virtualisation will help to greatly reduce your schools carbon footprint.
  • 3. Improved management
    Thanks to simplified management and administration, your ICT Manager will be able to administrate multiple virtual operating systems from a centralised management dashboard.
  • 4. Physical space
    Virtualisation allows you to free up valuable space in your server room by consolidating all of your physical servers to a single point of hardware. Better still; why not consolidate all of your servers in the cloud?
  • 5. Heat
    Physical servers generate a lot of heat, which can only be dispersed correctly by installing and maintaining costly air conditioning solutions in the server room. Monthly cooling bills can be greatly reduced by virtualising your entire infrastructure in the cloud.
  • 6. Improved disaster recovery
    With a virtualised solution, the disaster recovery process is greatly simplified. If one of your virtual servers experiences downtime, it can be automatically restored to a last known working configuration.
  • 7. High availability
    In a cloud environment, your data is replicated at two independent data centres, providing a failover in the event of unlikely hardware failure
  • 8. Reduce Operating Costs And Improve Your Schools Carbon Footprint

Consolidate your local ICT server infrastructure to the cloud