A new service is being offered by SCC which will allow schools to have full and unlimited access to their server using VPN (virtual private network) to access a remote connection.

Many schools have remote working solutions in place which have proved invaluable during the current Covid-19 crisis and will continue to be important as we go into the new academic year.  Although existing solutions have the benefit of allowing people to work from home, they serve only a limited number of connections and, in some instances, to a PC in the office which needs be left on all the time.

Our improved solution provides the opportunity for staff to take their laptop home and continue as if in school. The proposed service will be available 24 / 7 including evenings and weekends.  Accessing data, such as from the P: drive and the use of services like SIMS and FMS will work in the same way as being in the office.  Staff can also use their home computer to connect to their desktop using a secure VPN connection.  The system is safe and will only allow authorised users to access your system.

Upgrading to this service simply requires the installation of a virtual terminal server along with a memory and operating system upgrade which takes place on your existing server. (Some schools may require a firewall change or new router to allow these services to work)

The work can be carried out during out of school hours and will require the server to be down for a few hours, an engineer visit can be arranged at your convenience.

To apply for a quote or request further information, please use the self-service portal:


or call the ICT Service Desk on 01823 355090