Wireless Networking Solutions For Schools

SCC ICT  can provide a trusted safe and secure wireless networking solution for primary and secondary schools across the UK.

Ruckus Wireless Solution

Ruckus wireless technology offers numerous performance enhancements over conventional wireless technologies, including clever administration features and unrivalled network coverage that combines to provide a seamless secure connectivity experience in the classroom and the admin department.

How SCC ICT Can Help

From technology planning and deployment to ongoing management and training, SCC ICT can assist with the implementation of both managed and unmanaged wireless solutions that will maximise connectivity throughout the school premises.

School Wireless Network Auditing Services.

SCC ICT offers professional wireless network survey and auditing services to schools that are experiencing intermittent and ongoing wireless connectivity issues.

What Causes Wireless Performance Issues?

The increased use of portable devices presents a number of challenges for internal ICT managers and Senior Team Leaders who are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a robust, secure and reliable wireless network connection throughout the school premises.

Wireless downtime can prove to be detrimental to your pupil’s learning experience and equally as frustrating for teachers and other staff members.

There are many Issues can affect the performance of your school’s wireless environment. These issues will often include one or more of the following examples:

Upon completion of a comprehensive wireless survey, we will present you with a detailed report of our findings – providing an effective resolution to eliminate your connectivity problems and increase your schools wireless network performance.

Unmanaged wireless solutions

Suitable for when wireless connectivity is required in an isolated area, such as the school office or the assembly hall for example.

Fully managed wireless solutions

Suitable for large area networks, where wireless connectivity has been implemented throughout the school premises.

This can include both indoor and outdoor wireless access points and wireless bridges.

Our fully managed wireless solution uses an intuitive user interface, keeping the administration process simple to manage. We take the technical complexity out of maintaining a wireless network by introducing smart technologies with fully integrated features that mitigate administrative tasks.