Remote network monitoring for schools

Our always-on network monitoring system will closely monitor your entire school’s ICT network, liberating your ICT manager from the day-to-day burden of scheduled network performance checks. This allows them to concentrate on other activities that are critical to maintaining your schools ongoing success.

E-pulse is a specialised remote monitoring service that allows us to monitor the critical elements of your school’s ICT network infrastructure.

E-pulse will liberate your internal ICT function from the day-to-day burden of scheduled network performance checks, allowing them to concentrate on other activities that are critical to maintaining your school’s ongoing success.

E-pulse empowers our remote education service desk team with the ability to quickly identify and fix critical issues on your school’s ICT network.

As a proactive monitoring solution, E-pulse also provides us with an advanced warning for issues that have the potential to cause disruption to digital learning in the classroom, network consistency in the server room and productivity within the admin department.

What Does E-pulse Check?

E-pulse will closely monitor your entire school’s ICT network – continuously checking for any attempted unauthorised network security breaches (hacking) and multiple login failures.

In addition, E-pulse will monitor the performance of your school’s hardware firewall, checking for any physical problems and alerting us when critical software updates are required.

Security Software

E-pulse will check to ensure that your anti-virus/malware software is active and updated with the latest security definitions.

Data Backup

E-pulse will monitor the success of your school’s data backup solution, immediately alerting us if a backup failure occurs.

Critical Server Software Updates

E-pulse will alert us when your Windows Server(s) requires a critical update or software patch.

Server Performance Monitoring

E-pulse will monitor the performance of every server that is located on school grounds. Server performance monitoring incorporates the following checks:

  • Server RAID monitoring – alerting us to RAID array failure
  • Windows services – monitoring the status of all services running on a Windows server
  • Hard disk space and disk performance – checking physical disk health. Alerting us when disk storage space is low, or disk space consumption is unusual
  • Hardware – monitoring processor health, memory usage and network connectivity
  • Exchange server mailbox store size – alerting us when allocated Exchange storage space becomes low
  • MySQL –Continuous performance checks for school utilising MySQL server

Internet Connectivity and Network Performance

E-pulse will monitor the consistency of your school’s internet connection, alerting us to any downtime.

In addition, E-pulse will continuously check for any bottlenecks that may affect the performance of your network.

Network Performance Reporting

E-pulse automatically generates scheduled detailed reports that can be emailed directly to the school’s internal ICT function and/or Senior Team Leaders. Easy to read and understand, our report provides a breakdown of all monitoring statistics including any new changes or alerts.

Reduce Network Downtime And Curricular Disruption By Introducing E-pulse.