Telecoms & Internet – let’s talk!

The internet has fast become an essential element to teaching and learning within education. So much so, it’s embedded deep at the core of this new age digital environment.

Let’s face it, if you want to search for an answer nowadays you go on to the internet and ‘Google’ it rather than using old fashioned techniques like looking in books or asking someone!

We depend so much on being able to connect to the internet to find out things and to communicate that having the right internet provision in place is key. Connectivity which is fast, reliable and safe.

VOIP – hosted in the cloud voip allow you to run a phone system with powerful features over your broadband connection.

Wi-Fi – fast and reliable school WiFi has never been more important. Classrooms now utilise interactive whiteboards and  regularly using videos and rich media within their classes. Students need to be able to access information quickly online, as well as teachers relying on technology to provide the latest resources, making a fast, secure and robust school WiFi network an essential requirement for today’s education system.

We can help with a WiFi solution to suit your educational needs, as well as future proofing for new technology. We can assist with specifying, sourcing and installation of hardware, to providing ongoing support with your education wireless network.