JOIN EXA FOR A LIVE LESSON: From Telegrams to Tik Toks – Exploring the Victorian Roots of the Internet

Join EXA for a live, interactive and engaging lesson from the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford and Exa HQ.

STEM experts will explain the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web, as well as discover how data on the internet travels at light speed beneath our feet. Take a trip back in time as we also investigate whether the Victorians invented the internet…

Lesson Outline

We will be joined by technicians and experts who will tell us all about the internet, from its Victorian roots, to what it looks like in modern-day.

STEM LIVE will join us at Exa HQ, where teaching will be put into a real-life context through exciting demos, recordings and animated infographics.

The lesson will follow Alan O’Donohoe of The Exa Foundation, as he explores the Victorian roots of the internet at Bradford Media Museum, to live demonstrations at Exa HQ, including taking a look at fibre cables and sending a “ping” all the way to Australia!

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Questions and Answers

Record your students asking a question and share them with on on social media. During the live lesson our expert speakers will join us in the studio to answer your students’ questions.