The Moorland Federation of schools has launched an amazing new Google platform across the five schools.  This investment saw staff attend a launch date training session recently led by Getech Ltd expert.  The ICT Champion, Aaron Deeks, liaised with Getech Ltd and Somerset ICT Support lead Clive Franklin to get this exciting new project going.

The five schools are investing in developing this online resources, which will allow for greater curriculum enrichment, improved ICT learning opportunities for the pupils, faster and more efficient working for the staff, as well as creating all manner of online resources for pupils to access.

The federation and Somerset working with the DfE are investing in ICT infrastructure, kit and online learning communities.

One staff member said: ‘this training has showed me how to save so much time already, I can’t wait to learn more!’ and Mrs Philip and Mr Franklin both reiterated their massive excitement at how this is going to put Moorland Federation schools at the forefront of ICT learning for its pupils.  ‘It takes a bit of faith to believe, yes this can happen here in West Somerset for our pupils, staff and community.  But actually, why shouldn’t we be pioneers and lead the way; our pupils and schools deserve the best opportunities.’

The challenge

Moorland Federation sought to migrate x5 schools across x5 Google tenancies into a new Google tenancy. The migration required domain changes as well as migrating over Shared Drives and Drives with users split across the different Google tenancies. Consolidating into a single Google tenancy provided an opportunity for simpler usernames, greater file security and standardized admin console management and reporting.

The solution

Getech assisted Somerset CC and Moorland Federation  with defining the new organisational structure, configuring the new admin console according to security best practice and identifying key accounts to be migrated, alongside overall solution mapping and project management. Identifying active staff members and aligning multiple account profiles with current staff streamlined the migration process and optimized budget.

The results

The Shared Drive migration was a success with both user access and data migrated effectively from multiple tenancies into a new domain. Moorland Federation was able to streamline usernames & organisational structure & ensure secure policies were standardized across all their schools.

Greater measures of data security were implemented with training on admin console features & key reporting & alerts as well as a structured teacher training programme.

“Migrating to Google has improved our security & collaboration which is central to our vision at Moorland Federation. The partnership with Getech was collaborative, supportive & instructional. As a result all objectives of the migration have been achieved alongside building skills & confidence within the Federation which will act as a catalyst to further innovation & sustainability.” (Naomi Phillips – Executive Head Teacher @ Moorland Federation)

Members of Somerset Council ICT, Getech and Moorland Fed

About Moorland Federation

Serving a remote community of schools in the Somerset area. The Federation was formed in September 2017 to strengthen existing links between the schools in order to raise standards, provide greater opportunities for our children and staff and ensure future sustainability in a group of 5 schools. Migration of data and software to the cloud are key elements of Moorland Federations strategy for improved communication and collaboration using the Google Workspace suite of tools.

About Getech Education

Getech Education provides Google Workspace training, Chrome devices and consultancy to schools across the UK helping teachers & students develop Google Workspace knowledge and skills

Getech leading the Google training