About the LEGO® Learning System

The LEGO Learning System is a scalable framework that helps students develop their understanding of STEM subjects and gives educators the confidence to teach them. The System builds around the familiar LEGO brick, which is intuitive, inclusive and adaptable, meeting the needs of every student, regardless of their background or ability level.

The products and resources included in the LEGO Learning System are aligned with the National Curriculum to help students explore STEM concepts through playful problem-solving and storytelling. The LEGO Learning System also has a variety of professional development opportunities for educators, so they can learn how to use the System more effectively in their classrooms.

Getech are now be a UK Distributor for LEGO® Education, offering a suite of LEGO Education products that promote learning through play.

Lego Education Spike Prime Set

Build confidence with hands-on STEM learning in the classroom

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