Schools are back – what a relief! SCC ICT have been busy over the summer helping schools prepare for this new and exciting term! Of course priorities have changed somewhat in the current climate –  however, some things stay the same.

Schools continue to need excellent internet connectivity, and this is even more important now as schools consider cloud technology, allowing you to store, manage and maintain documents through the internet rather than local hard drives or on-site servers. Also, schools have been acquiring and expanding their use of  digital education platforms such as G-Suite or Office 365,  which can enhance teaching in schools and remote teaching.  This will provide a contingency plan for remote learning provision in the event of further lockdowns (fingers crossed this won’t happen!), as recommended by recent government guidelines.. Digital Safety and Security should also be a top priority to protect your sensitive data and safeguard students, in a time where schools are needing to adapt and ensure quality teaching can occur seamlessly at home if necessary.

SCC ICT are here to help you as always.We are now fully Approved Partners with both Google and the DfE for the funding support service, to help schools get online. We continue to support our schools in these uncertain times, in accordance with all the relevant guidance from SCC and DfE in particular.

For our supported schools we are currently working as follows:

Infrastructure Support

This will continue to be provided remotely wherever possible, as has been the case throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

School Visits

From September 2020 there is an increased expectation that visits to schools will return and take place again. Where activities require a visit and/or face to face support then the relevant guidance should be followed (see: Guidance for SCC Staff visiting schools v5).  If school visits have been ‘missed’ there is an expectation that these will be provided from Oct. half-term onwards, on a rolling catch-up programme to ensure schools get the visits that they are entitled to.

So, Get in touch if you need anything and we wish you a wonderful new school year full of new opportunities!